Brand Consulting

Communications and identity consulting for non-profit as well as for-profit organisations

With our broad experience as consultants for brand and organisational development and communications, we can ensure business-transformation initiatives go smoothly. We provide organisations with the necessary knowledge to make coherent decisions about the path ahead.

We advise and support all phases of the business transformation, from its inception to brand activation, and work jointly with our customers towards a long-term brand-management approach, from analyses to impact measuring.

We maximise employee involvement by engaging actively with all stakeholders using a dynamic and collaborative approach.

Transparent communication and mutual trust are key factors for the success of any businesstransformation initiative.

Brand Strategy

  • Situation and market-trend analyses, leadership interviews, outside-in perspective
  • Purpose, vision and mission-statement development; systemic brand governance model
  • Corporate-values development, KPIs and brand-activation concepts

Brand Organisation

  • Organisational change support: processes, structure and work culture
  • Stakeholder mapping, activation and engagement concepts
  • Setup and development of an integrated communications approach and an external partner network
  • Development of action competencies, methodologies and training

Brand Communication

  • Positioning and consulting for leadership-level communications
  • Enabling leadership teams, training
  • Activation across all internal functions

Interim Management

We are available at short notice for temporary projects and have access to a large network of experts.
We take on coordination tasks, lead subprojects and initiate tenders. We help to improve internal cooperation instantly and support the development of conflict-resolution skills.