Our Approach

We put people and social issues at the centre of our work. We care about our customers, show a keen interest in their needs and fully commit to our work. We strive for high quality and focus on shaping the future. We are convinced that a transformation can only succeed if all the individuals involved understand, embrace and actively support the change.

“We identify
the challenges and
support your transformation.”

About us

Team Tischhauser Bandli

Tischhauser Bandli KlG was founded in April 2022 by Barbara Tischhauser Bandli and Otto Andrea Bandli with the objective of supporting multinational companies, schools, institutes and agencies in their prospective business-transformation initiatives.

Barbara has years of professional experience in marketing and communications and has held positions in various industries (aviation, automotive, banking and specialty chemicals), on both the client side and the agency side. Her repertoire offers a complete set of skills and extensive expertise when it comes to integrated communications and long-term reputation management, enabling her to take a holistic view on all aspects of brand management.

Otto Andrea is a lecturer and consultant at the Zurich University of Teacher Education, PHZH. He works in education and training for teachers and headmasters. He advises management and organisations in the areas of cooperation and personnel development, as well as conflict prevention and communication.
Otto Andrea has worked as a school psychologist, therapist, mediator, organisational consultant and supervisor, among other positions.


Our trusted network gives us access to a wide range of subsequent services:

  • Reputation analysis and measurements
  • Corporate design and brand development
  • Campaigning and training
  • Storytelling and editorials
  • Mediation